Petro-Canada stations running dry as repairs underway at Edmonton refinery

CALGARY – Some Petro-Canada stations are running out of gasoline because of repairs taking place at a refinery in Edmonton.

Gasoline-producing units at the Edmonton refinery were supposed to keep running during a period of planned maintenance work, which began about a month ago.

But during routine inspections, Petro-Canada discovered that repairs needed to be done and the gasoline units were taken out of service temporarily.

“So as a result, we have had to stop providing gasoline to some of our stations in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan,” said Nicole Fisher a spokeswoman for Suncor Energy Inc. (TSX:SU), the oil giant that owns the Petro-Canada stations and refineries.

“We understand that this is an inconvenience to our customers and we’re working really hard to minimize the impact.”

Fisher said there’s no set timeline for when the refinery will start producing gasoline again.

In the meantime, she said Suncor is bringing in additional gasoline from elsewhere by truck and rail and sourcing it from other companies.

It’s also making sure that the gasoline supply it does have is being doled out in such a way that customers have alternative places to gas up if stations in their market are out of fuel.