Pierre Karl Peladeau attends PQ caucus in wheelchair after cycling accident

QUEBEC – A wheelchair-bound Pierre Karl Peladeau returned to the national assembly Monday, a week after suffering multiple fractures in what he called a “brutal” fall off his bicycle.

The rookie Parti Quebecois member of the legislature said his health was improving day-by-day and he felt good enough to be at work despite only being released from hospital on Friday.

Before attending afternoon question period, Peladeau told a news conference he is looking forward to representing the residents of his Saint-Jerome riding, north of Montreal.

The majority owner of Quebecor Inc. (TSX:QBR.B) said he lost control and fell hard, fracturing his hip and collarbone as well as several ribs.

He is expected to be in the wheelchair for about three months after the May 18 accident in Mont-Orford Park.

A PQ spokesman said a special spot has been arranged to allow Peladeau to attend daily question period in the tight quarters of the legislature’s main chamber.

Peladeau, 52, was wearing a helmet when he took the tumble in the Eastern Townships, which he credits with saving his life.

He said his head was the first part of his body to hit the tarmac and that he probably wouldn’t be around today if he had not been wearing the helmet.

“Thankfully … I had my helmet on,” Peladeau said. “If I didn’t have one, I probably would not be before you this morning, because my fall was brutal and it was my head that struck first on the asphalt. Hence the importance of wearing a helmet when you go biking.”

Peladeau said he hopes to stay in Quebec City the whole week, health permitting.

The legislature is only scheduled to sit until mid-June before taking a summer break.