Polish firm cuts contracts with 2 stud farms amid turmoil

WARSAW, Poland – A private Polish company says it has cut its contracts with two state-owned stud farms whose managers have been replaced by the new government, highlighting the turmoil surrounding the farms.

The Polturf company cut contracts with farms in Michalow and Janow Podlaski, where it had organized auctions of Arabian horses. Polturf said Friday the decision was dictated by a lack of contact with the new management ahead of an auction.

The government unexpectedly replaced the heads of the farms in February. Since then, two mares belonging to Shirley Watts, the wife of the Rolling Stones’ drummer Charlie Watts, have died at Janow Podlaski.

The head of the state Agricultural Property Agency, Waldemar Humiecki, said the Aug. 15 auction will be organized by a new company, Poznan International Fair.