Prime Minister Stephen Harper meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping

BEIJING, China – Prime Minister Stephen Harper is sitting down with China’s president today to discuss a host of bilateral issues, human rights among them.

Harper and Xi Jinping are behind closed doors at the majestic Great Hall of the People discussing Canada-China relations.

It’s Harper’s second day at the seat of Chinese power, located alongside the famous Tiananmen Square.

On Saturday, he sat down with Premier Li Keqiang (KUH-chee-yahng), the second most powerful man in the country.

Keqiang suggested they discussed the case of the Canadian couple accused of espionage by the Chinese. Kevin and Julia Garratt, who have lived in China for 30 years, have been held without charges since August.

Their son, Simeon, said today he fears the Canadian government isn’t putting enough pressure on the Chinese to release his parents.

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