Refinery in Regina that suffered blast last year evacuated due to fire

REGINA – A fire forced the evacuation of the Federated Co-Operatives refinery in Regina, but the company says there were no injuries.

Vice-president of corporate affairs Vic Huard says the fire started on Tuesday evening in a pumphouse that sends crude to various sections of the facility.

He says it was brought under control quickly, although he says it continued to burn through the night after the pumps were shut down and the remaining oil burned away.

Huard says none of the refinery’s processing units were involved, unlike an explosion and fire that injured workers there last October.

Thirty-six people were injured in that incident, believed to have started when a mix of hydrogen gas and diesel from a leaky pipe ignited.

There is still no official determination on what caused that accident.

Huard says damage in Tuesday’s fire was contained to the pumphouse, and he says the refinery will be operating normally on Wednesday.