Revenue at Canada's commercial radio stations stable at $1.6B in 2015: CRTC

OTTAWA – Canada’s broadcast regulator says overall revenue at Canada’s 704 commercial stations declined slightly last year amid relative stability in advertising sales.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission said financial results for the 12-month period ended Aug. 31 show commercial radio stations brought in $1.6 billion in total revenues.

That was down $11.6 million or 0.7 per cent from the previous year.

Most of the revenue — $1.58 billion — came from advertising, which in stark contrast to print advertising, has remained relatively stable for radio stations.

Revenue was up by 1.5 per cent for the country’s 23 third-language radio stations, which brought in $46.7 million.

Since 2011, those stations have seen growth each year, while French- and English-language stations have reported declines.

Separately, CBC Radio reported $1.4 million in advertising revenue in the second year in which the public broadcaster has been allowed to sell advertising on some of its 69 radio services.

However, total revenue at CBC Radio was still down 3.4 per cent due to cutbacks in government funding.