Review of Phoenix pay system to decide fate of executive bonus pay

OTTAWA _ The senior public servants who oversaw the launch of the problem-plagued new pay system for federal workers won’t know until 2017 if their salaries will be padded with 2016 bonus pay.

The head of the department in charge of the Phoenix pay system says performance bonuses will be tied to the results of a review of its rollout that won’t be known until the spring.

Public Services deputy minister Marie Lemay says she expects to find multiple points of failure in the way officials handled the implementation of Phoenix.

The government has also asked the auditor general to review what went wrong and Michael Ferguson’s report is expected to be released next fall.

The system has caused headaches for tens of thousands of public servants who have been underpaid, overpaid, or not paid at all for weeks or months because of human and technological glitches in the system.

Lemay says the bill to fix all the problems could rise beyond the $50 million the government had previously estimated, because officials don’t know if they will need to keep temporary pay offices in place longer than first thought.