Romania president offers to help Slovakia fight corruption

BUCHAREST, Romania – Romania’s president has offered to help Slovakia with its anti-corruption fight, saying graft harms the economy and can deter investment.

President Klaus Iohannis said “eradicating corruption is vital, because … corruption is not just a threat to the consolidation of democracy. Corruption slows economic growth. Corruption frightens investors.”

Iohannis said he discussed ways to tackle corruption during a meeting with Slovak President Andrej Kiska on Monday in Bucharest.

He said if Slovakia wanted information “or to know our model in greater detail, we are more than willing to share our experience with our partners in building organisms that are just as efficient.”

In 2015, Romania’s anti-corruption agency prosecuted 1,250 cases, including a former prime minister and five former ministers, and reported a conviction rate of 92 per cent.