Samsung working with Health Canada to address potential risk from washers

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Samsung says it is working with Health Canada to address potential safety issues with certain top-loading, high-efficiency washing machines that can vibrate to the point where they could pose a risk of injury or property damage.

The company says washing bedding, bulky or water-resistant items at certain settings may cause the washers to experience abnormal vibrations, and it is advising customers to only use the delicate cycle when washing those items.

The warning applies to washers that were manufactured between March 2011 and April 2016.

Samsung says some machines sold under its name and the Kenmore brand may be affected.

On its website, Samsung says people can enter their 15-digit serial number located at the rear of the washer to verify whether their washing machine is part of the notice.

There have been no reports of personal injury in Canada.

Samsung’s Canadian arm also provides a toll-free phone number and links to two special websites with instructions for Samsung and Kenmore machines.

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