Scandal-hit VW global sales off 0.2 per cent in March

FRANKFURT – Volkswagen AG saw global sales for all its brands slip 0.2 per cent in March as the company works to overcome a scandal over cars that were rigged to cheat on diesel emissions tests.

Sales fell 0.2 per cent to 967,100 vehicles, hurt by drops of 3.7 per cent in the United States and 2.5 per cent in the company’s home market, Germany. Sales also plunged in Brazil, where the economy is in trouble.

Things looked better in China with a plus of 4 per cent, to 328,000 vehicles.

Volkswagen faces fines, recall costs and civil damages in the United States and other countries. Up to 11 million cars are affected.

The company, whose brands include Audi, Skoda, and SEAT, has apologized and says it will fix the cars.