Selected quotes on conditional support for Northern Gateway pipeline proposal

Here is a look at what some political, business and environmental groups had to say after a federal review panel recommended that the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project go ahead, with conditions:
“From the beginning of this project, Northern Gateway has worked with one goal in mind: to access new markets by building a safer, better pipeline.” — Janet Holder, leader of the Northern Gateway Project

“Now that we have received the report, we will thoroughly review it, consult with affected aboriginal groups and then make our decision … No project will be approved unless it is safe for Canadians and safe for the environment.” — Joe Oliver, federal minister of natural resources

“It’s disappointing that the panel chose to ignore the views of the vast majority of British Columbians, First Nations, and even the B.C. government who spoke against this tar sands pipeline because of the ongoing threats it would pose. — Mike Hudema, Greenpeace

“Economic development is important to … all of Canada and B.C., but it can’t be at the cost of our environment … We are not yet in a position to consider support for any heavy oil pipeline in B.C.”
— B.C. Environment Minister Mary Polak

“As Premier Redford has said, opening new markets for our resources is Job 1 for our government and critical to our continued economic success. New markets mean we will receive higher prices for our resources — creating and supporting more jobs, and generating higher royalties and taxes to help pay for the vital public services like quality health care and education that Albertans expect.” — Alberta Energy Minister Diana McQueen

“Today’s decision by the joint review panel is deeply troubling. Canada needs pipelines to move our energy resources to domestic and global markets. However, these projects must earn the trust of communities, and cannot ignore aboriginal rights, nor can they place our lands, waterways and ecosystems at risk.” — Geoff Regan, federal Liberal natural resources critic

“I think the case is very clear that there is a real risk to the environment, the local economy and the social well-being of people who live in this region. The (joint review panel) agrees with that yet it’s full steam ahead. I think that decision is very unwise.” — David Miller of the World Wildlife Fund

“This is a decision that Canadians will come to regret, and it’s a decision that ignores the evidence.”
— Alberta Federation of Labour president Gil McGowan.

“Is a $10 billion spill worth whatever B.C.’s getting out of this — which it said in this report is a little north of $1 billion over 30 years? It takes you 90 years to make the money back on one spill. That’s kind of stupid.”

— NDP MP Nathan Cullen, whose riding includes Kitimat, B.C.

“The question for us is not whether or not there are pipelines, but what they carry. And if they are carrying unprocessed bitumen to the United States or China or any other country, they are carrying Alberta jobs with it.”

— Alberta NDP Leader Brian Mason

“Now it’s up to governments to work with industry, First Nations and stakeholders to determine the specific integrated measures that will ensure West Coast market access.”

— Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers vice-president Greg Stringham.

“The Northern Gateway Project puts Canadian jobs and our coastline at risk, and flies in the face of federal commitments to change course and finally honour aboriginal right and title, including for First Nations and Métis who are bearing the brunt of the oil sands sector in Alberta.

— Linda Duncan, MP for Edmonton-Strathcona and Official Opposition Critic for Western Economic Diversification.