Slovenia-based Adria Airways suspends flights, lacking cash

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia — Slovenia-based carried Adria Airways says it has suspended all flights for two days due to shortage of funds.

The company halted its flights on Tuesday and Wednesday. It says in a statement that the suspension is temporary.

Formerly Slovenia’s national carrier, Adria Airways was sold in 2016 to German investment fund 4K Invest. The company has since sold all its planes and is using leased planes.

The decision to suspend flights came after repeated delays and cancellations by the cash-strapped carrier. Two of the company’s leased planes have been taken back because of unpaid debt.

Adria Aiways said in its statement late on Monday that the company is “intensively seeking solutions in co-operation with a potential investor.” It adds “the goal of everyone involved is to make Adria Airways fly again.”

The Associated Press