Some defend pedestrian safety efforts on Vegas Strip, others say more must be done after crash

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – The Las Vegas Strip is a 4-mile stretch of near-constant movement, jammed with cars, buses, taxis and mobile billboards rolling alongside scores of pedestrians.

Keeping those strolling visitors safe, as well as making it easier to get from casino to casino, has been an ongoing quest for local leaders. They have built bridges, widened sidewalks, shooed away some street performers and added fences intended more as a way to keep tourists in than cars out.

Business, academic and elected leaders are both suggesting fixes and defending the work done so far to keep pedestrians safe after a woman drove her car into a crowd of tourists outside the Planet Hollywood and Paris casino-hotels.

Caesars Entertainment spokeswoman Jan Jones Blackhurst says what the Strip has now “isn’t good enough.”