Tale of the tape: A look at the energy industries of Saskatchewan and Alberta

Alberta and Saskatchewan have often stood side by side on the topic of energy. But lately the two petro-powered provinces have found themselves increasingly drifting apart on a number of issues including royalties and pipelines. Here is a look at the oil and gas industries of both provinces:


— 77.4 per cent of Canada’s oil production.

— 5,478 oil and gas wells completed last year. Completed wells are those ready for production.

— Alberta had conventional production of 590,000 barrels of conventional oil per day and 2.3 million barrels a day of oilsands crude last year.


— 13.8 per cent of Canada’s oil production.

— 3,645 oil wells drilled last year. A drilled well is when the hole is in the ground, but the well is not yet ready to produce oil and gas.

— Saskatchewan produced about 514,000 barrels a day of crude last year.

(Sources: The National, Energy Board, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, Alberta Energy, Saskatchewan government)