TalkTo app lets you text questions to any Canadian business

TORONTO – If you want to contact a business but don’t want to spend time on the phone, there’s an app for that.

TalkTo, an app that lets users text questions to businesses, is now available as an Android, iPhone and web app for Canadian businesses.

TalkTo CEO Stuart Levinson says the app is for anyone who enjoys texting because they don’t want an immediate conversation, but like the idea of sending a message and getting on with their day.

Users type in the name of the business they want to contact with whatever question they have, and can expect an average reply time of five minutes.

Businesses that use the app can decide how they receive messages from TalkTo — they can use their own phone, text back without sharing their number, by email or have the app integrate into whatever customer service system they use.

TalkTo says the app works with any business in Canada, even if they haven’t signed up for the website.

Levinson said users can make restaurant reservations, make appointments with their dentist or doctor and even find out if an item from a store is in stock.

“If you want us to forward the information via SMS to you, or email or on the web, you just tell us the way it’s easier for you,” he said.

Levinson also said many people use the app when the business they want to call is closed.

“What we find is when you go home it’s like ‘Oh, I meant to check with the dentist to find out if he got my insurance.’ You don’t have to call in the morning. You can send your text whenever you’re thinking about it and the next morning you’ll get a response when they open.”