Tax season by the numbers

The IRS processed more than 126 million tax returns from individual filers during tax season. A look at the numbers through filing season.


—Refunds: 92 million.

—Average refund: $2,711.

—Total amount of refunds: $249 billion.

—Calls to IRS help lines: 50 million.

—Calls handled by automated phone system: 30 million.

—Callers seeking to talk to a person: 20 million.

—Callers reaching a person: 37 per cent.

—Average time on hold: 23 minutes.

—Callers disconnected by IRS: 8.8 million.

—Returns from taxpayers who had health insurance: 94 million.

—Taxpayers receiving subsidies to help pay health premiums: 2.6 million.

—Total amount of subsidies claimed: $7.7 billion.

—Taxpayers who paid fines for not having insurance: 6.6 million.

—Average fine: $190.


Source: National Taxpayer Advocate.