The Latest: Alaska floats rules for pot use at certain shops

JUNEAU, Alaska – The Latest on regulations intended to allow use of marijuana in some Alaska businesses that will sell pot. (all times local):

5:20 p.m.

The board tasked with regulating Alaska’s nascent marijuana industry has approved draft regulations for how customers will be allowed to consume pot they buy in certain retail stores on site.

The proposed rules, which will go out for public comment, call for retail stores that will be permitted to have on-site consumption to have the consumption area cordoned off from the rest of the store by a secure door. Items purchased to be consumed at the store could not be removed from the premises. Regulators likened it to bars, where patrons are not allowed to-go cups for beers they don’t finish.

There would be transaction limits, and stores would have to monitor patrons for overconsumption. Gimmicks such as contests involving use of marijuana or pot as prizes would be prohibited.

Retail pot shops have yet to be licensed in Alaska.


10:30 a.m.

Alaska marijuana regulators are meeting to consider draft rules for allowing use of marijuana in some businesses that will sell pot.

Under the plan, Alaska would become the first state in the nation to allow customers to consume marijuana products at authorized retail stores.

The first marijuana businesses aren’t expected to be licensed until September — near the end of cruise ship season and a bit too late to cash in on tourism this year.

The regulations are expected to be discussed near the end of Wednesday’s meeting of the Marijuana Control Board in Anchorage. Any recommendations would be subject to public comment.

No licenses have been issued yet for retail marijuana shops.

Destiny Neade of Fairbanks has applied and is interested in allowing people to consume products onsite but wants to see guidance from the board on how that would work.

She is expecting to see a mostly local clientele.


11:50 p.m.

Alaska will soon become the first state in the nation to allow customers to smoke pot and consume marijuana edibles at authorized retail stores.

But rules governing this are still being hammered out, with state regulators set to consider regulations Wednesday in Anchorage.

But don’t get too excited yet, especially if you’re planning to visit Alaska this summer as a tourist.

The state hasn’t issued any business licenses yet, and the first store isn’t expected to open until this autumn — after the cruise ship season.

Among the items regulators will consider Wednesday will be deciding how to separate smoking area in stores from the sales side. And then there’s the question of what happens to the pot you buy to smoke or eat on the premises but don’t finish. Whatever is decided has to go out for public comment.