Venezuela's president denounces attack by Twitter to remove 6,000 followers

CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is denouncing what he calls a “massive attack” by Twitter and the “international right wing” against his account and those of several government agencies with the social media website.

Maduro said Thursday that more than 6,000 of his 1.4 million followers were mysteriously removed from his Twitter account as part of a campaign to destabilize his government. The government says the accounts of a pro-government newspaper and Venezuela’s immigration authority were also suspended, along with the accounts of two ministries.

Twitter spokesman Nu Wexler says the website isn’t commenting on the matter.

Maduro has embraced social media as the late President Hugo Chavez did. In September, he launched profiles in French, English, Arabic and Portuguese to spread the ideals of his 21st century socialist revolution.