VW fix for some cheating diesels could be approved soon

DETROIT – Repairs that would fix about 15 per cent of Volkswagen’s cheating 2-litre diesel engines could be approved by regulators in the next few weeks.

Volkswagen submitted plans in early August to repair about 67,000 cars from the 2015 model year. The Environmental Protection Agency says it won’t act on the plans until after a federal judge approves an order settling lawsuits against the German automaker. That could come at a court hearing Tuesday in San Francisco.

Under the settlement, VW must submit plans to fix the rest of the 475,000 diesels in November and December.

The 2015 Golfs, Jettas and Beetles are the easiest to fix. The EPA and Volkswagen wouldn’t comment, but dealers say repairs include a software update and new exhaust system parts that would come in a year.