Watchdog: Survey shows biggest emerging-market companies failing at public accountability

BERLIN – A survey of 100 of the fastest-growing companies in emerging market shows most are failing at public accountability.

Transparency International, the Berlin-based watchdog, said Thursday that three quarters of the companies scored less than 5 on a scale where 10 is most transparent.

The survey looked at the amount of information companies disclose on holdings, anti-corruption measures and other factors. It found some 60 per cent don’t disclose information about political contributions.

Of the biggest emerging-market countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — Chinese companies had the weakest performance, with 2 out of 10, while Indian firms performed the best with 5.4.

Some individual companies fared well, with UAE’s Emirate Airlines and four others scoring 100 per cent in organizational transparency. China’s Huawei Technologies and 10 others scored 0.