Creeping Christmas

Christmas comes earlier every year, but for retailers it can't come soon enough.

Starbucks couldn’t wait to ring in the holiday season this year. On Nov. 1, their famed red holiday cups made an appearance, as did the gingerbread and peppermint-themed sugary drinks. Thankfully, they’ve spared us the carols for a few more weeks.

While the general rule of thumb has previously been to hold off on holiday advertising until the end of American Thanksgiving — and the fabled Black Friday shopping weekend that follows — retailers are apparently so eager for holiday spending this year, they’re rolling out their displays early.

But who can blame them? Each year, “Christmas creep” inches a few days earlier, with retailers like the Source, Walmart and even grocery stores stocking the shelves with all things red and green in early November now. At Toronto’s Dufferin Mall, Santa will set up shop on Nov. 20 — more than a month before Christmas.

But could this cause holiday fatigue for shoppers? Consumers are generally divided on the issue, at least according to recent comments from While some embrace the holiday spirit as soon as possible, others see it as gaudy and unnecessary.

For retailers, all that matters is that the spend-happy season be upon us as soon as possible. So happy holidays, everyone!