New Looks: Science Channel

The experts weigh in on the Science Channel's new logo.

The experts weigh in on the Science Channel’s new logo (left) versus the old logo (right).

Mandate Mandate

The press release says the new look “celebrates the potential of the future while displaying a willingness to reshape current reality”

The Previous Logo

The 2003 Science Channel logo replaced the channel’s original brand, Discovery Science

New Logo: Type

Having two not-quite-similar sans serif fonts saying the same thing is weird (and not in the good weird sci-fi way).

New Logo: Icon

Nicknamed Morph, the icon is easily transported between digital, print and animation media.

What the graphic-design gurus have to say:

Jerry Kuyper Kuyper Partners: “I prefer the concept and the typography in the original. In the new logo, ‘SCI’ and ‘science’ are odd, badly drawn and unrelated to each other. Both seem to err on the side of trying to be quirky/distinct over rational, which I associate with science.”

Michael Johnson, Johnson Banks: “I’m a bit split on this one—I quite like the blobby/pebble/morph thing, and some of animations are excellent, obviously great for a TV channel. I’m just not sure about the way they’ve plonked ‘science’ underneath in a different font, without much apparent thought.”