Outlook 2011

Canadian Business magazine's annual special report on the economics and business of the year ahead.

What does 2011 hold in store for Canada and the world? In the following pages, Canadian Business offers some answers. Here in our Outlook 2011 special report you’ll find insight into what some say is a forming dot-com bubble, what austerity means for global economic development, some RRSP advice, an investigation into the fuss over gold and more. Use the navigation below to peek into the future.

The new dot-com boom
Twitter, Netflix and Groupon have sparked a new web frenzy on Wall Street.

Worst-case scenarios (Slideshow)
Looming risks for the global economy.

The year of cutbacks
Governments worldwide slash spending, pensions and jobs.

The new gold rush
The metal may go to $4,000, but even bulls expect an ugly crash.

Gold fever around the world
The metal’s 10-year bull run has given rise to all manner of new ventures seeking to mine it, buy it, sell it, hoard it, melt it down, even tell its story.

Seer suckers
A Q&A with psychologist and author Philip Tetlock on expert predictions.

Investor playbook
Five bets on where in the world to stash your spare cash.