Portraits in Leadership

A message from IBM Canada’s John M. Lutz

Portraits In Leadership

From the Industrial Age to the rise of the globally integrated enterprise, every new era has been driven by a fundamental change in how organizations relate to the world. The ability to adapt defines who will succeed and who will be left behind. Today, signs point to the emergence of a new era, driven by the rise of “big data”—the 2.5 quintillion bytes produced each day, which represent the collective output of every person, organization and instrumented thing. Canadian leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to better leverage operational and financial data. Finding opportunities in the noise, uncovering hidden patterns, revealing what’s coming next and acting on insights gleaned will deliver tangible competitive advantage in a global economy. By fostering more knowledge-based industries, Canada can increase productivity and address the critical challenges our cities—and planet—face. Continued, innovative investment of this nature will be an important driver for this country’s future economic growth.

JOHN M. LUTZ is President of IBM Canada, one of Canada’s largest technology employers and exporters.