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Tim Hortons ranks among 100 most-loved companies in the world

We sure do love Timmies

(Photo: lifecreations/Flickr)

(Photo: lifecreations/Flickr)

Canadians love their Timmies—enough, perhaps, to get the Tim Hortons brand listed as one of the most-loved companies in the world.

In a recent study conducted by global opinion research firm APCO Insight, Tim Hortons placed 61st on a list of the world’s 100 most widely revered brands.

APCO used a research method known as “Emotional Linking” to rank brands based on a number of factors, including their perceived approachability and relevance to a consumer’s lifestyle, as well as the level to which people can identify with or feel empowered by the company’s products. According to APCO’s website, the “Food and Beverage Processing” category of brands perform the best “on instilling a sense of pride” in their customers, while tech companies trump all others when it comes to brand loyalty.

Companies were then ranked based on how high they scored on APCO’s “Emotional Linking Index,” which gives brands a grade out of 100.

Topping the “most-loved” list were Disney, Yahoo and Google (Marissa Mayer might be quite pleased to see that her brand ranked second to Google’s third). While Tims came in 61st, it didn’t trail Disney by much on the Emotional Linking Index. Disney scored 74.7 points on the index, while Tim’s managed to get 67.6. Whole Foods, Apple and Netflix also placed in the top 10.

According to the APCO study, Tims also ranks higher on the emotional attachment list than competitors Starbucks (96th place) and McDonald’s, which took the 69th spot (assuming that McCafé is part of the chain’s brand as a whole).

Interestingly, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. also managed to get on the list, taking the 95th spot.

While Tims placed on the back end of APCO’s ranking, Canadian Business put the company in first place on our list of top Canadian brands by reputation back in April.

Amongst all brands operating in Canada, including international ones, we ranked Tims tenth out of 40.