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WATCH: Dollar Shave Club is back with idea No. 2

First it was razors, now it's butt wipes.

The last time Dollar Shave Club CEO Michael Dubin tapped YouTube to promote his products, it was a viral hit. Now he’s back with the company’s latest mail order idea—butt wipes. It’s One Wipe Charlies promise men a clean and comfortable wiping experience without the embarrassment or shame of using wipes marketed to babies.

Flushable wet wipes are the latest trend in bathroom luxury, with brands like Cottonelle jumping on the buttwagon. Now it’s Dollar Shave Club’s turn and they’re putting a manly spin on a messy #6.

According to Dollar Shave’s own research, roughly half the men it surveyed used wipes in addition to or instead of toilet paper, and almost one-quarter of wipe-using gentlemen acknowledged hiding their wipes. The company told Businessweek that this insight suggested there could be millions of potential customers in the U.S. and Canada who would much rather buy wipes on the web than in-person. “This is something guys are using, but it’s not really talked about,” Dubin told Businessweek. “It kind of hit on all levels for us.”