4 Apps That Make Managing Travel Expenses Easy—Well, Easier

Say good-bye to the paper trail left behind by mileage reports and the dreaded reconciliation form

Written by Victoria Foote

Business expense management is quite possibly the most irritating part of travelling.  Does anyone enjoy the thankless task of determining mileage costs, hunting for receipts or figuring out credit card reconciliation forms? Luckily, there’s an app for all that. Consider paper and spreadsheets relics from the past. Today’s software options streamline the travel management expense process, allow for accountability, and save companies money.

Here are the most useful—even enjoyable—travel expense management apps on the market.


Expensify means you need never worry about losing a receipt again. The app’s SmartScan scans photos of your receipts and converts that information into expense reports. If you forget to take a picture, Expensify can import credit card transactions from your online banking account and create an e-receipt for purchases under $75. The app also tracks mileage by scanning photos of a car’s odometer or integrating with your phone’s GPS system. Another unique feature is Expensify’s offline mode, which allows the software to be used even when your phone has no service.


Concur tracks expenses through its Receipt Store, a digital file that stores e-receipts as well as receipts you photograph with your phone, or are emailed to you, in an easy-to-read display until you are ready to file an expense report. Concur also syncs to your bank account, so you can be reimbursed for cash and credit charges immediately. Not surprisingly, the expense management system smoothly integrates with Concur’s TripIt, TripIt Pro, and TripIt for Teams apps.

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XE Currency

The popular XE Currency app—14 million downloads and counting—instantly converts international currencies at real time exchange rates. It also provides up-to-the-minute news about currencies, historical rates, and live current prices of precious metals. And XE Currency stores the most recently updated rates just in case you lose an Internet connection. If you’re travelling to multiple countries over a short period of time, this app can simultaneously monitor up to 10 currencies and exchange rate highs and lows for multiple time frames. Basically, you’ll always know exactly how much money you’re spending no matter where you are.


BizXpenseTracker exports your expense files, receipts, mileage, and schedule directly from your smartphone to your desktop or DropBox, making travel information easily accessible for expense reports and other related paper work. BizXpenseTracker is highly customizable, sorting expenses by date, category, payment type, or client, and marking entries as “reimbursed” or “submitted.” The app also remembers which of its functions you use the most frequently, currencies spent, and the mileage between two locations. Several pdf templates are available for expense reporting and all photographed receipts are converted to jpeg’s.

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