Four of LinkedIn’s top 12 technology-skilled cities are Canadian

The career-focused social network ranked the world’s cities on the proportion of the workforce with tech skills. Canadian cities fared well

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LinkedIn and CivicAction, in partnership with the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario have unveiled LinkedIn’s economic research on the tech sector in the Greater Toronto Area. The release of Toronto data is part of LinkedIn’s world wide economic graph initiatives.

The social networking company looked at the profiles of its 1.9 million members located in the GTA, and extracted information such as their listed skills and the region’s companies, jobs and schools. What they found was that 11%, or 214,000 of LinkedIn’s GTA members have technology skills, making it the city with the fifth highest proportion of technology-skilled members around the world (San Francisco is number one at 14.9%; Montreal is seventh at 10.6%; Calgary is 11th at 10.2%; and Vancouver is 12th at 10.2%).

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30% of all members with technology skills work in the tech sector. But the remainder 70% are spread across industries like financial services & insurance, media & entertainment and oil & energy. This shows that tech skills are in demand in all industries. The top three tech skills listed in GTA members’ profiles are: IT infrastructure and system management, software engineering management and requirements gathering and web programming.

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Compared to other cities, Toronto has a high percentage of tech-skilled workers in early career roles. One in 10, or 10,894 GTA companies currently employ technology-skilled members in early career roles. And a quarter of early career new hires in the last year had tech skills. Almost three-quarter of these individuals found work outside the technology sector.

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So what are the top tech skills you need to land a job? The top three tech skills of members recently hired are: mobile development, game development and Perl, Python or Ruby development. Here’s the full list:

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Brian Church, country manager of LinkedIn Canada, says LinkedIn’s Economic Graph initiatives are a part of the company’s goal to provide greater transparency and allow talent to flow where it’s needed: “Our job is to make policymakers aware of the information, but it’s in their hands to make the change.”