Growth 500: Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

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Meet the 2018 Growth 500!

The winners of the 30th annual Growth 500 ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies are the most ambitious, innovative and successful businesses in Canada. Their stories are inspiration to any entrepreneur. Get to know this year’s honourees!

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Key Lessons from Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies:

How to bolster sales with #BuyCanada

Thanks to rekindled trade wars, more buyers are seeking made-in-Canada brands. Here’s how Growth 500 firms make the most of the Maple Leaf.

How to let sellers shine

Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies are indisputable experts in selling stuff really, really well. Who better to give advice on amassing a stellar sales force?

How to make friends and influence people

Social-media influencers are so hot right now. The Growth 500 share how to use them well.

How to build a business in a new country

What does it take to grow a successful company as an immigrant to Canada? Just ask the many Growth 500 leaders who came here to start their empires.

PROFIT 500: Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Meet some 2018 GROWTH 500 winners:

GROWTH 500: No. 001

How Article shook up a staid industry to become Canada’s Fastest-Growing Company

The company has seen sales skyrocket by a gobsmacking 56,581% over the past five years

GROWTH 500: No. 170

Innovative products don’t happen by fluke

Just ask the trailblazing sisters behind Three Farmers.

GROWTH 500: No. 247

How Spin Master conquered the lucrative international toy market

The hitmaking company has had a good thing going for years. But to really lead the market, they had to up their game.

GROWTH 500: No. 299

Freshco brought fresh talent to an industry that needs it

Facing a shortage of skilled labourers, Mandy Rennehan embraced a different approach to hiring

GROWTH 500: No. 390

Adapt to anything

What happens when a key client goes under overnight? If, like Prizm Media, agility is built into the way you do business, you quickly plan, pivot and come out stronger.

GROWTH 500: No. 469

Revitalize a family business

The death of its leader nearly threw Inflector Environmental Services into turmoil. Instead, a new CEO helped it thrive.

Startup 50: Canada’s Top New Growth Companies

Startup 50: No. 01

Ease a major pain point

Ever wonder how those packages get to your front door so fast? Fleet Optics doesn’t. Its mastery of a problem that stumps many others makes it Canada’s Top New Growth Company for 2018.

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How to find the best angel investor for your startup

Angel investors can elevate an entrepreneurial idea to an empire. As Startup 50 leaders share, you just have to know how to look.

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