15 Surefire Ways To Please Customers

You have one way to grow: surround your customers with value. Here's how.

Written by Rick Spence

In this economy of stagnant demand and constrained spending, you have one way to grow: surround your customers with value.

But what is value? It’s anything that enhances your customers’ experience with your company or your products. Consider this list:

  • Price. This is the most common value metric, but it’s far from the only one. Many otherwise cost-conscious customers would trade off higher price for some combination of the following alternative sources of value.
  • Better service: How good do you make me feel as a customer? How fast can I engage you? How soon do you get back to me?
  • Selection: We live in a commodity age: Am I getting the right amount of quality, diversity or choice in this product for the price I am paying?
  • Knowledge: Does your company and its people truly understand this market and the individual features of the products they sell? Do they share that knowledge openly and willingly?
  • Confidence: Do I trust that you are giving me the best value for my dollar, without my having to do a lot of dreary research and price comparisons?
  • Peace of Mind: Do I believe that if I have made a mistake, you will let me unwind this deal, at little or no cost? If you make a mistake, do I believe you will fix things fast?
  • Delivery: Can you offer me options? Sometimes I’m willing to pay for delivery tomorrow morning, other times I want your lowest price.
  • Fast Service: Whether I buy from your website, your store or over the phone, can I get in and out fast?
  • Simplicity: Do you make product selection, product comparisons and checkout easy and intuitive?
  • Know Me: Do your staff know me? Do they have any understanding of my needs? Does your system store my data (safely) so that I can check out easily?
  • Peer Acceptance: Do you offer easy access to real testimonials from satisfied customers to give new customers more confidence in buying from you?
  • Personality: Does your organization have an open, helpful and trustworthy culture or personality that makes me want to deal with you?
  • Put the Customer First: Do your salespeople/associates suggest ways I can save money or derive other additional value from my purchase? Or do they just try to sell me up in order to meet their own revenue targets?
  • Brand reputation: Will my peers respect me more or less when they know I have bought from you? In its heyday, the iPod started conversations; other MP3 players elicited yawns.
  • Community: Does your company give me other reasons to buy from you? Do you support my values, do you give back to the community, is the business environmentally and socially responsible?

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Rick Spence is the Toronto-based author of the Canadian Entrepreneur blog and a consultant on marketing, strategy and business growth. You can reach him at

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