4 Retail Disruptors You Need to Be Ready For

An infographic of the forces that are set to turn the retail world upside down

Written by Murad Hemmadi

Is your business online? Can customers buy your products on your website? Do you have an app? Are you in the iPhone Passbook and the Google Wallet? Is your company on Facebook? Twitter? Google+? Pinterest? Tumblr?

It’s no longer possible to run a business from behind a single shop counter. The importance of e-commerce to the retail market continues to grow, and Canadian businesses are being left behind. So it’s worrying to learn that today’s increasingly online-first shopping systems are just the beginning of the digital disruption.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Problem with E-Commerce in Canada »

Global multinational service network PwC this month released its annual global consumer survey, which identifies four factors that are set to shake up the world of retail. “Total Retail 2015: Retailers and the Age of Disruption” outlines how the physical store is changing to reflect an increasingly digital economy, how mobile fits into the new shopping experience, how consumers interact with brands on social media, and how demographic shifts will intensify all these trends in the near future. PwC surveyed 19,000 respondents in 19 countries, including Canada, the U.S., China, the U.K., Russia, Australia and Turkey, among others.

How should your business prepare for these disruptions? Here are the key findings of the PwC survey, in one infographic:

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