5 Steps to Re-Invigorating a Beloved Brand

Joanna Track of Good Eggs and Co. is putting her experience as a serial digital entrepreneur to use to help lifestyle businesses reach new customers.

Written by Murad Hemmadi

Joanna Track. Photo: Goods Eggs & Co.

After a decade in the digital startup space, Joanna Track was burned out. The founder of fashion-focused and eLUXE felt she was spending too much time handling the nitty-gritty of running a business, leaving her with little time for her personal life or to explore her creative impulses.

“You end up spending a lot of time on finance and HR and all those things,” she explains. “I wanted to get back to what I really love to do, which is the marketing and strategy.”

So Track founded Good Eggs and Co. with sister-in-law Laurie Track. “Our mission is to take all the experiences we’ve had running our own companies and help other small and medium-sized business do the same,” Joanna Track explains.

The name of one company that enlisted the Tracks’ expertise will be familiar to Ontario residents of a certain age. “Jean Machine was the go-to place when you were a teenager to get your jeans,” enthuses Track. The company has 35 stores across the province, and a 40 year history of clothing the young and hip.

But the beloved brand has become less relevant in the era of fast fashion, and needed a little help targeting a new generation of young customers. Track began working with the company in the summer of 2014.

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Here, Track explains how the Good Eggs plan to re-invigorate Jean Machine.

Be objective

Jean Machine has been family-run for over 40 years. Nobody knows a company better than its owners, but such intimate investment in a business can leave you with blind spots. “Because it’s a family-run business, they needed an outside objective party,” explains Track. “They’re so close to everything that they needed someone to tell them what to do differently.”

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Keep what works

The company is undergoing a certain amount of re-branding, but Good Eggs isn’t just throwing everything out and starting from scratch. “Everybody loves their logo and it’s got that nostalgic feel,” Track says. “It was more about bringing a more contemporary look into the stores and online through photoshoots and creative.”

Spread the word

The brand ships its beloved jeans across Canada and the U.S., but most consumers didn’t know that. “We’ve done a pretty extensive PR campaign,” said Track, speaking in early December. “We hired a PR partner, Rocket Promotions, and in the last 12 weeks alone they’ve had over 30 press hits. So they are getting back in peoples’ minds.”

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Can anybody hear me?

A robust social media presence is mandatory for any brand targeting a young consumer base. “People would say something nice about Jean Machine [on social media] and the company wouldn’t respond, just because they didn’t have anybody managing it,” laments Track. “We totally took over their social media—regular postings and promotions online.”

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Do it with love

Track sees Good Eggs and Co. as a way of giving back to the digital lifestyle sector in which she has found so much success. And the fond memories that she associates with Jean Machine have made her particularly enthusiastic about helping make the company relevant once again. “Yes, they’re a client and they pay us, but it’s been a labour of love because it’s a brand that I always loved,” she says.


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