6 Ways to Make Your Company Look Bigger Than It Really Is

Size equals credibility for many buyers. How to measure up against larger competitors

Written by Lisa Shepherd

Small and mid-sized B2B firms regularly find themselves competing against much larger companies for clients and contracts. And while they may deliver a superior level of service or provide better products, smaller businesses are often at a disadvantage because of their size.

Risk-averse buyers regard size and an established market presence as bywords for credibility and reliability. In response, small to mid-sized B2B firms look to marketing to make themselves look bigger.

You don’t have to be a big business to appear that way to prospective customers. Here are six things you can do to make your company look bigger than it really is.

Update your website

If you haven’t updated your site in over three years, it’s time. Nothing makes you look rinky-dink like an outdated, unprofessional website. Refreshing it is your first, most important strategy for looking bigger.

Rethink your “team” section

Don’t highlight the fact that you don’t have a lot of people working at your company by featuring everyone on the site. Profile your key management team instead.

Eight is a good threshold number—any less, and the list of employees will just exhibit how few of you there are. If you happen to work with a consistent team of contractors on an ongoing basis, include them on your site—they are part of your team even if they’re not employees.

Book some speaking engagements

Want to really pack a punch? Speak at an industry event or conference. The brand of the event gets conferred on you, putting your company in a de facto leadership position and making it look like you have heft both in years of experience and scale.

Produce some thought leadership

Establish your expertise via webinars, whitepapers and Slideshare presentations on your website. When visitors come to your site and see that you are producing educational content, it elevates the appearance of your business and positions you as a subject matter expert in your field.

Do some PR

A great way to bolster your credibility is to get someone else talking about your business. That’s what PR does.

Send out some press releases about newsworthy topics or those whitepapers you’ve been producing. You may get picked up by major news outlets, and your name will appear in third-party sources. It’s an easy, effective way to get your name out in the market and validate your brand.

Apply for awards

Industry awards, professional awards— it doesn’t matter what they’re for. Receiving an award is a valuable third-party endorsement of your company. It allows you to take advantage of the award’s brand equity, boosting your value in the eyes of your audience.

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Bigger isn’t necessarily better. But looking like you’re bigger than you are never hurts. Use these simple strategies to enhance buyers’ perception of your brand, and you’ll build credibility, trust—and business.

Lisa Shepherd is author of the new book The Radical Sales Shift: 20 Lessons from 20 Leaders on How to Use Marketing to Grow Sales in B2B Companies and president of The Mezzanine Group, a business-to-business strategy and marketing company based in Toronto. She has been the youngest female CEO on PROFIT’s Ranking of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies and is a frequent public speaker on B2B marketing strategy and execution.


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