Skills that every small-business entrepreneur needs to master now

Your business may be small, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be mighty. Here’s what you need to know now to punch above your weight


7 Ways to Build the Perfect Small Business

A venture needn’t be huge to be mighty. With a few simple changes, your company will run a like dream, outsell its rivals and lead the pack. To celebrate Small Business Week, here are some crucial skills and strategies that will help your firm punch above its weight.

How small businesses can do branding like the big guys

A product—however amazing—isn’t enough. You also need to make people feel the right way about your business. Here’s how


How to hire amazing employees (and stop hiring duds)

Your company can only be as good as the people you hire, so getting the right ones is crucial. Here’s how to find great employees


Why even the smallest businesses need to focus on workplace culture

Small business owners often think culture is a problem only for giant corporations, but it can make or break companies of any size


How to negotiate smarter, more aggressive business deals

Don’t just accept the terms your customers or suppliers propose. Here’s how to strike a deal that works best for you


Focus on your existing clients to master the art of upselling

Here’s how creating complementary offerings and understanding your customers better can help you increase your sales


How to turn your best customers into an amazing marketing resource

The clients you already have can help you find new ones. Here’s how to generate referrals and make your customers feel valued


Why you need to build a company that can run without you

Entrepreneurs who are too hands-on can hold their companies back. How to let your staff make decisions without losing control


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