Book Smarts

Written by ProfitGuide Staff

In Zilch: The Power of Zero in Business, not-for-profit CEO Nancy Lublin shows how for-profit firms can emulate her sector to achieve a lot on a shoestring budget. In her book, she suggests questions to ask yourself to help you craft a free and effective PR tool: a compelling human-interest story about your company.

  • What led to your company’s birth? Which experience or personal challenge inspired your firm’s founder to create this product or service?
  • Which arcs of success and failure have your firm experienced? Which key people, sacrifices or twists of fate are worth illuminating?
  • What are the human tales behind your business? Can you measure your company’s success by noting, say, that specific people celebrated a milestone in your restaurant or that your airline made an emergency surgery possible because it flew to a remote part of the world?
  • Does a celebrity love your product or service? She need not be the most famous person in the world, as long as she’s an advocate who resonates with your prospective clients. Are you using her to spread the word?
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