Brand Repositioning

Live up to customers' perceptions of the company's significant role in their businesses.

Written by John Lorinc



Online accounting services firm, Toronto

The Challenge:

Live up to customers’ perceptions of the company’s significant role in their businesses.

The Reinvention:

After co-founder Mike Mcderment realized that FreshBooks’ small-business clients had taken to referring to his firm as their accounting system, he hustled to launch additional services, such as an iPhone app, an improved financial dashboard and expense-management categories geared to the tax code to match their expectations. He also had to sell the reinvention to the skeptics on staff who didn’t see a need for a big change.

There’s this healthy paranoia you have to have in your back pocket. You need a fear of being disrupted by something

The Outcome:

A broader suite of services has given the firm a potent marketing edge.

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