Founders and CEOs on the big business opportunities of 2015

We asked some of Canada’s most innovative entrepreneurs what they’re keeping their eye on this year

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Joanna Track

Co-Founder, Good Eggs and Co.

Good Eggs and Co. co-founder Joanna Track“We don’t have any employees. Whether it’s copywriters or graphic designers, or even finance consultants, everyone is brought in on an as-needed basis. A lot of HR departments operate like that—companies don’t need a full-time HR staff, so they have them subcontracted. It’s a win-win, because the contractor gets the flexibility of not being tied down to one company, and the business doesn’t have the overhead and the payroll expenses, and doesn’t need the extra space for these people.”

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Vikram Vij

CBC Dragon

Vikram Vij


“I’m really excited about lesser-known regional cuisines, like Peruvian, Turkish, Syrian. People are travelling so much now we’re seeing a more sophisticated understanding of geography—smaller breakdowns are happening. We don’t think about Canadian wine anymore, we think about Niagara or Okanagan. We even think about northeastern Turkey versus southeastern. And more and more people have the confidence to embrace the heritage of these places.”

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Ian Bell

Founder & CEO, RosterBot

Rosterbot founder Ian Bell“As the mobile world expands to include more and more platforms and screen sizes, it becomes very hard to build one-off apps for each of them. By mid to late 2015, it’s going to be quite reasonable to embark upon a real multi­-platform web-based app development strategy. As a consumer, it means you’ll have to worry less about which mobile device you’re running—you can choose one based on taste, not technical limitations.”

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Boris Wertz

Founder, Version One Ventures

Version One Ventures founder Boris Wertz

(Pooya Nabei)

“Across the global tech scene, Virtual Reality and Bitcoin represent two core platforms of the future. VR is quickly expanding from its role in gaming into other key areas like health care and education, while a killer app for Bitcoin should also be emerging (probably in international money transfers or remittances. I believe that Canada will play a big role in both of these developments in the year to come.”

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