How Flexibility Can Help You Land Big Clients

Farid Dordar's products are versatile but easy to use, crucial when trying to attract major organizations

Written by Michael McCullough

Farid Dordar, a former world kickboxing champion, first developed software to manage the membership at his own martial arts studio in North Vancouver. Fast forward 15 years, to when Sanford Health, an an American health care behemoth with 26,000 employees, found the company through a web search and made an enquiry.

“It was actually very casual at first,” says Dordar, the founder and CEO of PerfectMind. “[But] we took their enquiry very seriously from the start.” Dordar’s team ended up making more than one presentation at Sanford Health’s headquarters in Sioux Falls, S.D.

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In April, Sanford chose PerfectMind to run Profile by Sanford, a nutrition, activity and lifestyle program that it intends to roll out over 300 corporate and franchised locations over the next five years. The new venture currently has 25 locations.

“That was a big win for us,” says Dordar. “We’re really excited we’re going to be working with these guys.” PerfectMind was already on a bit of a tear, with clients including the Richmond Olympic Oval, one of Canada’s largest amateur sports facilities, and a large municipality in Arizona. In the last two years the company’s head count has risen from 30 to 110.

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What won over Sanford Health were the same advantages that has sold 5,000 clients in 21 countries on PerfectMind’s software, says Dordar: flexibility and the capacity to add new functions later. Though his company competes with some of the world’s largest software developers, its platform is adaptable for a variety of client verticals, including athletic clubs, parks and recreation facilities, educational institutions and now health and wellness corporations. Users can manage everything from client profiles to marketing to point-of-sale. At the same time it is simple to use and synchronizes with social media, says Dordar, meaning you don’t have to be an accountant or webmaster to run it. He describes PerfectMind as a PAAS or “platform-as-a-service” company.

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PerfectMind opened branch offices in Ukraine and India so as to offer international clients 24-hour support. It isn’t always easy—project managers spend a lot of time on Skype, Dordar says. Wherever they are based, new hires spend their first three months at headquarters in Canada so as to feel part of the culture, he adds.

In order to expand internationally, Dordar intends to increase PerfectMind’s middle-management bench strength and to take the company public within the next 36 months. “It’s time to take this company to the next level.”


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