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Digital Day was on Monday, co-hosted by Marketing and the Canadian Marketing Association. Russ Martin noted six current marketing trends that companies need to be aware of, one of which is that consumers are increasingly aware of and concerned about their digital privacy:

Privacy is a theme that speakers returned to frequently throughout the day. Microsoft’s global head of consumer insights, Kelly Jones, provided numbers to back up the notion that privacy is of the utmost important to consumers. According to Jones, 86% of consumers expect brands to ask permission before using their data.

Sean Moffitt, managing director of Wikibrands, also offered stats on privacy, noting 16% of people are fearful for their privacy when they use social media – a percentage Moffitt said is growing every year.

The good news for marketers? Protecting consumer privacy can be beneficial. According to Jones, 65% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that are transparent about how they use consumer data.

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Toronto agency 88 Creative garnered a rash of headlines for its attention-grabbing recruiting tactic, using Buzzfeed quizzes to vet job candidates. Why do it, aside from publicity? Managing Director Erin Bury said: ‘“I don’t want people who are finding it on Workopolis, I want people who are already engaged in social, who use it in their personal life and are seeing it come through their Twitter feed or LinkedIn feed.”

With hockey season now in full swing, the Montreal Canadiens tapped Canadian actor Jay Baruchel to star in a series of YouTube videos promoting its new global fan club, Club 1909. The team estimates it has up to 10 million fans living outside Canada, and wanted a way to boost its brand with them. “It’s a push to really globalize our brand,” said Montreal Canadiens vice-president of marketing Dino Di Pancrazio. “If you watch any Canadiens game on the road, when you look into the crowd, you’ll always see a great number of Canadiens fans. How do we talk to those fans? How do we engage with those fans?”

Finally, Air Miles has seen 10,000 user-generated submissions to its #AirMilesStories campaign. It’s looking to extend that success with its first professionally shot video in the series.