Ottawa will pay you to hire a Web-marketing guru

Written by Rick Spence

Are you hoping to build your business online? But you’re not a programmer, and don’t think you can afford one?

Well, maybe you can. Under Industry Canada’s Small Business Internship Program, Ottawa will defray the costs of hiring a web-savvy post-secondary student to help you build the new web tools you and your customers need.

Businesses qualifying for the subsidy must have active websites and less than 500 employees. The feds will fund 75% of the wages and benefits involved in a student (under 30 and intending to return to school) working on your web project for 420 hours. The maximum federal contribution is $10,000. Internships must begin after March 31 and finish by the following March 31.

Eligible projects would include analyzing website analytics, search engine optimization, email marketing, or developing interactive social-media channels through blogs, podcasts, or social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

This looks like a terrific deal for entrepreneurs. Many business owners complain that they don’t know enough about the web, or just haven’t got the time to devote to Internet marketing. Now Ottawa is kicking those excuses out from under you, and you can take your rightful place online and on YouTube.

If you’re interested in hiring your own web guru, don’t call Ottawa. The program is administered regionally through a variety of schools and economic development agencies. For a list of participating institutions, click here.

More information on the program can be found here.

For an application, click here.

You have nothing to lose, except those excuses.

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