Peer-to-Peer: “Should we hire a marketing agency?”—the best advice from PROFIT readers

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Last issue the CEO of a Halifax-based business services consultancy wrote to ask PROFIT-Xtra readers:

“My staff has been co-ordinating my company’s marketing efforts in-house since we started four years ago. They’ve done some interesting things with social media and other low-cost, DIY ways to get our message out. Their work has been pretty effective so far—we’re in full-on growth mode—but I wonder whether our marketing would be more effective if we called in the experts. Would we benefit from hiring a marketing agency?”

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Best reader responses

Kelly J. Ramsay:

To me, the comment that “Their work has been pretty effective so far—we’re in full-on growth mode” provides its own answer. No one will take more of an interest in your business, or have a better understanding of it, than your employees.

Marketing agencies usually bring a great deal of creative to the table in terms of content, placement and execution. But this comes at a cost—both in terms of real dollars as well as the cost associated with your staff’s falling morale because you brought someone else in when what they were doing had been working.

My advice is to invest in your employees. If you encourage them to think creatively and look for new and unique ways to promote your business, the results will be far more satisfying.

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