Profile: Bill Hennessey, 2012 FuEL Award Winner

Written by Frank Condron

Bill Hennessey

President | Oxford Beach/RoyalPak, Toronto


Employees: Oxford Beach 10 / RoyalPak 10 | Age: 28

Q&A from Bill Hennessey

Most people are content to call it a day after 5 p.m., but that just marks the halfway point for Bill Hennessey.

Hennessey spends his days running RoyalPak, a cleaning-products manufacturer, and his evenings running an events planning company, Oxford Beach. “I work 100 hours a week,” says Hennessey. “Oxford Beach is more sporadic and requires more hands-on attention, while the appeal of RoyalPak is the steady nature of that industry.”

In spite of Hennessey’s success with Oxford Beach, he wanted another, more reliable revenue stream. So, in early 2012, he acquired 15-year-old RoyalPak from its original owner. The purchase was also part of a longer term strategy: many family-owned businesses in that industry have aging owners, so there is an opportunity for consolidation and growth in the future.

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