Profile: Cedric Jeannot, 2012 FuEL Award Winner

Written by Frank Condron

Cedric Jeannot

Founder & President | I Think Security,

Waterloo, Ont.

Employees: 7 | Age: 27

Q&A from Cedric Jeannot

I Think Security founder Cedric Jeannot has found success in the crowded data-security space, he says, simply by “looking at an old problem from a new perspective.”

Jeannot crafted his firm based on a PhD dissertation in which he developed a secure framework for protecting online data from cyberattacks and corporate espionage that requires no installation or tech support— attractive to clients looking to cut costs.

Using money from angel investors and government research grants, it took Jeannot about three-and-a-half years to secure patents for the proprietary technology that differentiates the I Think Security data-security solution from its competitors. “We would have preferred to spend that money on sales efforts or salaries, but the company now has an IP portfolio with global reach,” says Jeannot.

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