Profile: Reid Campbell, 2012 FuEL Award Winner

Written by Frank Condron

Reid Campbell

Owner | VMG Cinematic


Employees: 4 | Age: 27

Q&A from Reid Campbell

If YouTube can make a celebrity out of a piano-playing cat, imagine what that medium can do for your business. Just ask Reid Campbell, owner of VMG Cinematic.

Founded in 2007, this award-winning digital agency has become an industry leader in creating viral YouTube and social-media promotion strategies for clients such as Gillette, FedEx, CIBC and Research In Motion. One VMG YouTube marketing campaign drew seven million views in less than four weeks.

When working on marketing plans for a previous startup, Campbell saw the need for an online marketing service that could provide top-notch branded content and solid viewership guarantees. “As companies transition to Internet marketing, many forget that metrics and ROI should be what really drives marketing budgets,” says Campbell.

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