Profile: Ronald Richardson, 2012 FuEL Award Winner

Written by Frank Condron

Ronald Richardson

Co-Founder, Vice-President of Sales | Benbria Corp.

Kanata, Ont.

Employees: 30 | Age: 29

Q&A from Ronald Richardson

Ronald Richardson took inspiration from the father of telecommunications and named his company Benbria, after Alexander Graham Bell’s estate in Nova Scotia.

Benbria builds two enterprise-grade software products: Blaze- Cast is an outbound multimedia platform that allows businesses to target messages to multiple customers, while BlazeLoop enables consumers to provide feedback to a business on its products. The key to Benbria’s impressive growth— 100-plus Fortune 1000 customers and 10,000-plus active users—has been its sales model. In addition to internal sales efforts, the company earns much of its revenue selling worldwide as a “preferred partner” through Mitel and Verizon and their partner channels.

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