Profile: Simon Rouillier, 2012 FuEL Award Winner

Written by Frank Condron

Simon Rouillier

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer | NVI


Employees: 50 | Age: 29

Q&A from Simon Rouillier

Simon Rouillier caught the entrepreneurial bug while running a College Pro Painters franchise in university. He has since created NVI, a leading digital-marketing firm serving clients such as Rona and Google.

Rouillier believes the key to NVI’s growth has been its focus on innovation. One example is its cloud-based content-management system, which allows clients to edit information on their website without assistance from NVI. “You have to evolve at the Internet’s pace—every employee needs to be ready to abandon everything they thought they knew for a better answer,” says Rouillier.

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