Special Report: Recession-Proof Your Business NOW

PROFIT's recession-proofing guide offers a rich menu of ways to protect your business—and position it to handle whatever unfolds in the economy

Written by Jim McElgunn

It’s still not a sure thing that we’re about to slide back into recession. Still, the list of negative indicators—such as the recession and euro crisis gripping Europe, third straight month of declining retail sales in an already sluggish U.S. economy and far steeper than expected slowdowns in China, India and Brazil—is lengthening at a disturbing rate.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re a born optimist. Yet in today’s environment it’s only prudent to take some steps to soften the blow if the slump does spread to Canada. You may even manage to avoid the recession entirely, as an impressive number of companies did in 2008-09.

Our recession-proofing guide offers a rich menu of specific and effective ways to protect your business in case there is a recession. And even if we do escape one, these steps will put your company in much better shape to handle whatever unfolds in the economy.

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