State of the Entrepreneur Nation

PROFIT's first annual survey of business owners reveals benchmarks and best practices your company can work with

Written by Frank Condron

Most Canadian small and mid-sized business owners are optimistic about the future of their own business, but a majority are a lot less confident about prospects for the overall economy. And while almost two-thirds of owners expect to exit their business in the next decade, only a small fraction know how they plan to do it.

Those are just some of the findings included in the State of the Entrepreneur Nation survey, which appears in the November issue of PROFIT and here at PROFIT asked small and mid-sized business owners across Canada their opinions on issues like the state of the Canadian economy and their plans for growth in the months ahead. Business owners also shared how they seize opportunities and overcome common challenges in such areas as sales and marketing, human resources, corporate philanthropy and succession planning.

It’s full of benchmarks and best practices you can apply to your business. For all the insights from PROFIT’s State of the Entrepreneur Nation survey, click on the links below.

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