The Calendar Quirk that Costs B.C. Businesses Millions

A Vancouver financial advisor is petitioning the provincial government to shift a troublesome date

Written by Advisor Staff

Holding British Columbia’s Family Day a week earlier than other provinces costs B.C.’s economy at least $19 million, says the advisor who’s leading a petition to change the date.

Raymond James financial advisor Andrew Johns is spearheading a petition to Premier Christy Clark to align B.C.’s Family Day with other provinces. He says the current holiday—which falls on the second Monday of February— forces business owners with interprovincial concerns to skip the date.

As of the morning of February 18, 2015 the petition had 14,000 signatures. Johns presented Clark with the petition later that day.

“The reality is that some people will still have to work regardless of when the holiday falls,” says Johns. “By unifying Family Day between B.C. and the rest of the provinces that celebrate it, this would maximize the number of people who can spend time with their families across the country.”

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