The Future of Going to Meetings

Holographic technology is finally entering the workplace, and it may save you hours in planes, trains and automobiles

Written by Catherine McIntyre

We all know the burden of leadership: too many people to see and places to be, not enough hours to do it. Travel time is a maddening drag. Pierre Nanterme, the Paris-based CEO of global consulting firm Accenture, has taken to connecting with his 373,000 employees by holographically beaming himself into meetings.

Why? Because as he told The Washington Post, traditional telecom tools—webcasts, video, even VR—felt impersonal. Holograms eliminate “the interface, the distance, the screen,” he reasoned. “I believe my hologram might be as good as me.”

The technology isn’t cheap, a reason why it’s typically reserved for flashy stunts. But the push for workplace holograms is fervid. In March, Microsoft released the HoloLens headset, which melds VR with physical spaces to mimic holography. And Accenture may commercialize its own hologram tech. If it takes off, it’ll be bad news for the business travel biz, but sweet relief for weary road warriors.


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